Kauai Wheelchair FAQ

Q1 May I request a particular mobility equipment that I am familar with using? Yes, we will try our best to provide you equipment that you most comfortable with using. 


Q2 Are the equipment inspected and cleaned prior to renting? Yes


Q3 What happens if the equipment is not preforming as expected or has a problem? Please contact us as soon as possible via calling or texting. 


Q4 Do I have to charge the equipment battery everyday? Only if the battery indicator "Green" bars are displaying fewer or less than fully charged.


Q5 How do I know how to fold or disassemble a mobility equipment that are portable and or transportable? The delivery person issuing the equipment will always demonstrate the proper usage or disassembly and assembly of the unit. 


Q6 Are there any discounts on rentals? There are certain discounts available for military active duty or veterans. 


Q. Can we rent for longer that listed on your website? 

A. Yes, rentals can be arranged for longer periods, just ask our reservation clerk to make sure the specific equipment will be available during your rental period. 


Q. What happends if we accidentently damage the equipment?

A. Renters are responsible for broken or damage sustained while in possession of the equipment. The issuing representative will demonstrate the usuage to alleviate any potential hazard. 


Q. What happens if we lost the key to the equipment?

A. If after a thorough search of your are area or possessions, and the key is determined lost, please contact us immediately so you can pick up a spare key. There is a  $45 replacement fee for a lost key.  


Q. Can we have a mobility equipment delivered to our resort or location address on Kauai? 

A. Yes, a renter can establish a pre-arranged delivery to the renters location. A delivery fee will be applicable. Most hotels prefer not to accept or take responsibility of a mobility equipment when the guest has not checked in yet. The delivery person will have the rental agreement forms that must be signed after inspecting, brief  instructions and renter accepting the equipment. '


Q.Can I sign out an equipment for someone else/

A, If you are a caregiver for the user, yes by signing C/O user than both caregiver and user will be responsible for the equipment. 


Q. Are we allowed to take the mobility equipment while visiting neighboring island(s)? 

A.Yes you may but you must inform our dispatcher what your intentions are and when you will be returning the equipment to Kauai. 


Q. Are the mobility equipments equiped with tracking devices?

A. Yes, some of our equipment are equiped with tracking devices to monitor the location of the unit espcially when equipment goes missing it makes it easier to recover with authorities assistance.


Q. Are Kauai Wheelchair drivers or guides able to assist wheelchair users for personal tasks?

A. No, Kauai Wheelchair drivers, guides, or employees are not allowed to accompany or assist and mobility equipment user on any personal tasks. 

Non-ambulatory passengers must have caregivers in attendance at all times. 


Q. Are gratuities mandatory to Kauai Wheelchair drivers/guides/assistants?

A. No it is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated for the excellent service they strive to provide to all our customes and regular clients. 




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