Aloha! Welcome to Kauai Wheelchair, a sister company of A1 Lift LLC. Kauai Wheelchair was founded in 2015 as a local minority and veteran owned business company. Our staff believes you deserve greater mobility  and a means to enjoy your visit and life better on our Kauai island paradise.

Wheelchairs, Scooters, and other Mobility Equipment Rentals and Transportation Services are our specialty.

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(808) 635-1167 Or (808) 647-0427


Email for particular Equipment Availability:


Rental Rates


Standard Walkers w/Seat/Pouch, Knee Scooters, 220-300 lbs max

-Hand Brakes and Adjustable Height

Standard Wheelchair Or Transport Chairs, 18" Seat, 250 lbs max

3-Days: $75

Weekly: $150


Bariatric Wheelchair, Transport Chairs and Walkers 20-22" Seat 300-350 lbs max 

-Requires 28" Entry way opening

3-Days: $90

Weekly: $180


Power Electric Wheelchairs


Zoomer Lightweight Power Wheelchair, 18" Seat 250 lbs max

3 Days: $110

Weekly: $220

(Only one in stock Please Call for availability)


Portable Electric Power Wheelchair, 18-19" Seat, 250 lbs max

-Simple, compact and folds to fit in most vehicle 

3-Days: $120

Weekly: $240


Quantum Edge 2.0 iLevel Pwr WC, 20” Seat, 300 lbs max

12+ miles at 6+ mph, tilt seat, back, foot flip up, attendant controls 

3-Days: $175

Weekly: $350



SNAP GoGo 3 Wheel Lightweight Bike Style 250 lbs max


Vive 4 Wheel, 18-20" Seat, 250 lbs max


GoGo S19 Manual Folding/Auto Folding 4 Wheel Scooters, 250 lbs max


GoGo Elite Traveler or Sport 3 or 4 Wheel, 18-20" Seat,  300-325 lbs max

3-Days: $125

Weekly: $250


Heavy Duty Scooters


PrideVictory 3Whl, 20-24" Padded Seat, 400 lbs max

GoldenUSVet 3Whl, 20-24" Padded seat, 350 lbs max 

Golden 4Whl, 20-24" Padded Seat, 400 lbs max

3-Days: $150

Weekly: $300


Beach Wheelchair


Beach Wheelchair, Folds and fit in most vehicles, 250 lbs max

-Please view and review instructional videos before renting

-Please Wear Life Vest and have adult attendent at all times

-Use on sand only (stay away from rocks or coral  reefs/rocks)

Daily: $75

3-Day: $150

Weekly: $300


Miscellaneous Equipment 

Shower Seats two sizes, Small or Large user  max 300 lbs

Rental only with other Kauai Wheelchair rental equipment

3-Day: $21

Weekly: $42 


Aluminum Ramps 36" and 60" User and Product Weight limit 600 lbs

Rental only with other Kauai Wheelchair rental equipment

3-Day: $30

Weekly: $60


Cleaning Disinfectant Fee: $20 for each Scooters, Portable Electric Power & Beach Wheelchairs.

All other equipment $10


Delivery Service On Kauai

*Rate: $4/mile One Way or $7/mile Round Trip from Pick-Up/Drop-Off location in Lihue to delivery address on Kauai

Mon-Fri 9a-5p Normal Hours

After Normal Hours our drivers are Volunteers, so please confirm your delivery by Pre-Payment

Sat/Sun & Holidays By Appointment Only

Mon-Fri Early/Evening Fee, Rate + $20/Unit

Saturday/Sunday Fee, Rate + $30/Unit

Major Holiday Fee, Rate + $40/Unit


Rates Plus Local 4.72% Tax and 3.9% Electronic Transaction Fee

Note:  All Rates Subject To Change Without Prior Notice

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