Kauai Wheelchair believes you deserve greater mobility and a means to enjoy your visit and life better on our Kauai island paradise. Wheelchairs and Scooters can be rented and made available upon arrival to Kauai. 

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Email: reservations@kauaiwheelchair.com

Please contact us for equipment availability.




Standard Walkers w/14" Seat/Pouch, 220-300 lbs max, Knee Scooters

-Hand Brakes

-Adjustable Height

Three days or weekend: $45

Weekly: $90

Standard Wheelchair Or Transport Chairs, 250 lbs max

-18" x 16" Seat

Three days or weekend: $60

Weekly: $120


Bariatric Wheelchair & Transport Chairs, 350 lbs max 

-Requires 28" Entry way opening

-Seat 22" Width x 18" Height

Three days or weekend: $90

Weekly: $140


Portable Electric Power Wheelchair 300 lbs max

Heavy Duty and Durable

-Simple and compact

-Seat 18.5"  Width x 16" Height

-Hard Surfaces, short lawn grass, some sand and gravel

-Disassembles/folds and fit in most vehicle trunks

-Fully Charged battery has power for 1-2 Days depending on usage

Three days or weekend: $120

Weekly: $245


We have different kinds of Scooters available and we will try our best to fit your needs


Portable 4 Wheel Scooter Forward and Reverse 175 lbs max

-Portable Lightweight Scooter with security key and remote

-18" Width x 16" Height Seat

-Strictly for hard surfaces use only

-Automatically folds and unfold remotely or manually

-Fits in most vehicle trunks, Approx wieight 65 lbs

Three days or weekend: $120

Weekly: $245


Pride 3 and 4 Wheelers, GoGo Scooters 325 lbs max / Champion Scooter 350- 400 lb max

-18"-21"Width x 16" Height

-Drive Range 12 miles

-Max Speed approx 4 mph

-Approx Weight 96 lbs, heaviest piece 44 lbs

Three Days or weekend: $150

Weekly: $280


Beach Wheelchair, 250 lbs max

-Please view and review instructional videos before renting

-Wear Life Vest

-Please have an adult attendant at all times

-Folds and fits in most vehicle trunks

-Use on sand only (stay away from rocks or coral  reefs/rocks)


Three days or weekend: $120

Weekly: $210


Cleaning Fee: $20 for each Scooters, Portable Power Wheelchairs and Beach Wheelchairs.

All other equipment $10



Pre-Arrange ONLY!

We have a Pick Up and Drop Off at our Lihue location:

Call for address and/or directions in Lihue

Monday-Friday 9a-5p, Saturday 9a-3p, Sundays Appt Only


Delivery Service

Rate: $4.50/mile M-F 9a-5p 


Mon-Fri Early/Evening Fee 6p-8a Rate Plus 10%

Saturday/Sunday Fee Rate Plus 15%

Holiday Fee Rate Plus 20%



Rates Plus Local Taxes and Electronic Transaction Fees

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